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Consolidated Communications, Inc. (CCI) offers residential digital TV, high-speed Internet and voice service in the greater Sacramento, California and Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri areas. Bundled residential/home offers provide additional savings for the most competitive rates. Our fiber-optic networks allow us to deliver extremely fast Internet access, crystal clear high definition cable television (HDTV), digital telephone and long distance services. All SureWest services include local, best-in-class customer service and 24/7 technical support.

Our digital TV packages include high-definition (HDTV), whole home DVR, the latest On Demand movies and content, and premium channels like HBO and Starz.

Our high-speed Internet service includes up to 50 megabits (mbps) of symmetrical speed, free home networking, free anti-virus software to maximize your online security and 24/7 technical support.

Our digital phone packages include unlimited local and long distance calls, voicemail and 22 advanced features including call forwarding.

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